The Artist

              Hands On Approach

                  Creating classical jewelry is James's passion. He believes that your jewelry should reflect your personality, and lifestyle. James finds it necessary to spend time with each client, developing a style that best suits them. Whatever you prefer, modern, classical, gallery, traditional or cutting edge, you will find that James Kanan Designs, will be a miniature work of art, to be enjoyed for a lifetime 

The Sculptor

                  Always fascinated with three-dimensional form, James started sculpting in marble, alabaster and other mediums. He decided to learn more about bronze casting, so he attended Parson School of Design. In Italy he learned many tricks of the trade from other sculptors. James Kanan has been making fine sculptures in Malachite, Marble, Copper, Brass and other materials since 1980. Whenever you want an indoor or outdoor sculpture, to reflect your personality and passions, he can facilitate such dreams.

    Respected by his peers for his knowledge, and beloved by his clients